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Chelsea, 7:11pm

I couldn’t believe someone left a key perched on a street lamp at the corner of 26th & Eighth.


Photograph at Armenian Genocide Protest Outside 92Y in Manhattan

Photo of Armenian Women from Trabizond all murdered except for second from left (seated), c.1915. The protesters are speaking up against ADL Executive Director Abraham Foxman’s speech tonight at the 92Y. Foxman and the ADL refuse to support the Armenian Genocide resolution in the US Congress, citing bogus excuses, including the “safety” of Jews in Turkey. For more photos from the protest visit here & here, and for background on the issue, visit here.  Jewschool has some great pics posted on Flickr.

The photo is a reproduction of an original image archived at the Armenian Genocide Museum in Yerevan, Armenia.

My New Banner (Second Life)


Under the guise of my Second Life (SL) avatar, Ari Montreal, I went gallery hopping in SL for months. It was often hit or miss, but art was all around and there were some interesting things to see. My SL art experience culminated in an article about SL’s art scene for the Brooklyn Rail in April 2007.

But, after a few more months I stopped going, realizing that I didn’t have time for a three-dimensional cyber-life. Though I hope to revisit SL again…time will tell.

My new banner marks those months exploring SL’s art scene…..and it is my way of saying a special thank you to all the SL artists, critics and users that helped me find the treasures that lay within.



 thanks Debra

The Armenian flavor of West Asian Photography

vanleo.jpgLast year’s YEAR OF ARMENIA in France, called “Arménie, mon amie” (Armenia, my friend), was a coup for Armenian cultural awareness in the West…well, at least in Europe.

One of the most interesting exhibits from the French festivities, and there were tons of crappy ones judging by the web, was the Armenian photography show at the Institut du Monde Arabe (IMA) in Paris.

Thankfully, the IMA (which is a great museum in an amazing Jean Nouvel building) does a great job documenting its shows and in this case, a webpage and brochure exist online for posterity.

bedrostarkulyan.jpgFocusing on work from North Africa (Egypt) and West Asia (Turkey, Israel/Palestine, Iraq), the show spanned 150 years of Armenian photography. Armenians had a seminal role in West Asian photography.

In places like Jerusalem, Armenians were the pioneers of the medium, while in Cairo, Baghdad, Beirut, Aleppo, Istanbul & Tehran most famous photographers were Armenian.

Admittedly, some photographers are more gifted than others and many tend to be to documentarian, but the Egyptian Armenian photographers are the exception and come across as artists—Van Leo, Angelo, and Katia Boyadjian are the crème de la crème of that creative flowering.

Perhaps one day, the other branches of Armenian photographic history (like Soviet & Anglo-American) will be given their day in the sun.

angelo.jpg lekegian.jpg yessayigarabedian.jpg zgdonatossian.jpg

While I’ve posted half a dozen images from the exhibit here, check out the original exhibit brochure for more images from the IMA show (.pdf).

Boston Common & Public Gardens, 1:47pm

Local photographers display their work during an unorthodox exhibit in the scenic public gardens of Boston Common.

Another movement gains speed

Under Eighth Ave. on the 1 train