Rosetta Stone to Online Video Counters


In the nebulous world of online video, Tube Mogul has offered some guidance to deciphering what constitutes a “view.” Seems like Revver & AOL Uncut are the most lenient in terms of their counting guidelines–they’ll count ANYTHING, while Yahoo! Video, YouTube & Google Video are the most strict.

Now, if someone could explain what the policies are for some content being removed while other, obviously copyrighted material, is not?!

{Hat tip to NewTeeVee}


2 responses to “Rosetta Stone to Online Video Counters

  1. Thanks for the post, Hrag. This is Mark from TubeMogul, and I want to note that while our study found Revver and AOL to be the least stringent on counting views, we’re not scolding them for it, by any means. Revver has some great metrics in their API that other sites don’t have (completions, for example), and overall, being the most strict might not always be the best means of counting, either, as I might watch a video several times, show it to friends on my computer, and these are all impressions. There simply aren’t any standards yet, and we want to open up the dialog because we think putting standards in place is critical to priming the pump for advertising dollars in online video.
    mark at

  2. Hi Hrag, it’s me again. I’m back to let you know that we’ve added a great new universal upload and tracking tool – Load & Track. Now you can syndicate your videos to the top sites, and they are automatically integrated into our tracking analytics. Let me know what you think! Our alpha users saw over 3x more views by using the tool.

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