Re-Performing Art in Second Life

acconci.jpgOver the last few months, Second Life’s (SL) art scene continues to mature and grow. One SL group known as 0100101110101101, consisting of Eva and Franco Mattes, has been trying to push some boundaries by performing classic performance art pieces in the virtual domain.

A series of reenactment of historical performances inside synthetic worlds such as Second Life. All actions are performed by Eva and Franco Mattes through their avatars, which were constructed out of their bodies and faces. People can attend the performances online, while in the making, or see the photo and video documentation afterwards. The series started in January 2007.(source)

The performances have included the provocative “Seedbed” (1972) by Vito Acconci (info on the original performance), the violent “Shoot” (1971) by Chris Burden (info on the original performance), and the massive “7000 Oaks” (1982-87) by Joseph Beuys (info on the original performance).

Here’s the link to the Beuys performance site in SL–though you’ll need the SL program installed on your system before traveling there.

The Beuys recreation began on March 16, 2007, exactly 25 years after the original oak was planted:

The 7000 basalt stones have been stacked on Mattes’ island in Second Life: Cosmos Island. The diminishing pile of virtual stones will indicate the progress of the project, which will go on until all 7000 oaks and stones will be placed. Second Life inhabitants will have the chance to take part to the performance, placing stones and trees in their lands. (source)

Here’s a blow by blow of one of their February 1, 2007, performance on SL according to Wirxli Flimflam (link), who mentions that “This time their retro-performance trinity was being broadcast (possibly projected) into a contemporary art museum in Trento (Italy) known as the Galleria Civica d’Arte Contemporanea.”


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