Popp Fountain – Words into Water

A short documentary about German arti… A short documentary about German artist Julius Popp exhibited his fantastic “Bit.Fall” in St Louis, MI.

If you can’t watch the whole thing, start halfway through…his amazing sculpture makes words out of waterfall.

The Saatchi Gallery website says:

Using technological wizardry, Julius Popp’s “Bitfall” reproduces the ‘flood’ of media information in the form of a real waterfall. Comprised of 128 nozzles, Popp’s curtain collects a continuous stream of water droplets. Directing their flow with a complex system of magnetic valves controlled by computer, text and graphics randomly selected from the internet appear in the drizzling liquid, creating a DIYplasma screen. As each message drips into a collection tank, its feeds back into the cycle, creating a metaphor for the impermanence and flux of the perception of ‘reality’. (source)

{hat tip Wooster Collective}


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