Midwest Town Shocked by Genocide Denial

absolutdenial.jpgThe city of Belleville, IL, got a nasty surprise this week when their police department’s website (here) was hacked by someone spewing hate against Armenians–shocking the local Armenian American community.

The southern Illinois town’s police site was splashed with Armenian Genocide denial crowned by Turkish flags and other cyber-graffiti.

According to a news report:

Belleville police said they started receiving calls Tuesday night from Internet users trying to go the department’s Web site. The users were instead redirected to what is apparently a Turkish extremist site.

The site showed pictures of ethnic killings around the world, including the murders of almost 2 million Armenians, who were killed by Ottoman Turks in 1915.

The site’s author posted the Turkish flag and boldly left his cyber calling card in French — ‘Le Hackeur.’

Story on KSDK (article) (video–worth the watch).

theforgottenhacked.jpgThe best part is that the hatemonger was stupid enough to post most of his garbage in French, probably thinking Belleville was a city in France…ignorance breeds ignorance I guess.

Another Armenian Genocide information site, The Forgotten (site), was hacked a few weeks back and remains vandalized in cyberspace…I hope the site will be back online sooner rather than later…or at least in time for April 24 when the world begins to google April 24 to learn why the day is important to commemmorate.


One response to “Midwest Town Shocked by Genocide Denial

  1. What would they want with Illinois people? Those poor people don’t even know where Iraq is maybe. Glendale maybe? You made me laugh when you said they don’t even know if Belleville is even in the US of A. The Frogotten site is scary… why can’t we just get along…

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