Space Enough for Second Life?

post-tshalida-8.jpgNow that I’ve taken on Second Life (SL) as a topic du jour, I listened to the latest installment of Rabble Radio (, which features Chad Oberg on architecture and virtual space in SL (18:35- 23:11). Podcast link here.

THE SKINNY: In SL, Blogger Chad Oberg argues, commerce, worship, gathering and other functions make us think about space differently. Is watching an avatar in SL move therapeutic? Does it impact us emotionally? Oberg uses the metaphor of a church service to explain that we experience things mentally and psychologically in physical space. So how does this translate into virtual space? Hmm…good question…

Supposedly, there is a longer version of the interview on the Rabble website but the URL they mentionedĀ  didn’t work (if anyone can find it, let me know).

In SL news…Rabble is hosting an event in SL on 9pm EST April 10…it’s a talk with the author of Wikinomics (Don Tapscott)…it takes place at Rabble Treehouse on Better World Island.


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